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Thesis writing is done by the students at the undergraduate level to achieve the academic degree. Pupils must select the topic of their interest because they will take interest in research also. The topic selected should be such that the pupils have some knowledge on it. Background study of the topic should be done in order to find out what the researchers have to say on the particular subject and what more needs to be investigated. The information written in the paper should be clear and precise within the word limit. Plan the structure of the thesis with the supervisor; create the rough draft before writing the final paper. There should be the proper link between the paragraphs with the correct use of words. The writing should always be formal and not conversational. Most universities have preferred the style of writing; pupils must make sure to stick to it. Take the careful notes while drafting the thesis as it will help you later while writing. The pupil must take care of plagiarism, don’t forget to give the credits to the original author. Present your work in the best possible way as this once in a lifetime work to impress the concerned authority of the university/college. Writing thesis is a very daunting task, every student does not have the capability to draft the thesis. It requires advanced and in-depth knowledge on the subject, which the college going students usually don’t have. Lack of motivation from the teachers and parents to attempt such difficult paper is the major challenge. Lack of support and improper guidance from the teachers is the major problem that the pupils come across. This is the main reason that the pupils submit the wrong papers and suffer from the low grades. Thesis written in incorrect grammar, wrong punctuation sand spelling mistakes shows the sign of lack of professionalism in the pupil.
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